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About Us


Innovation occurs all around us every day and in many ways. It is our job to recognize the best new ideas, nurture them and implement their outcomes.

Prognosis-Innovation delivers exactly that. The innovators we seek may be starting their own businesses or applying their creativity to solving problems in policy, care delivery, access or population health initiatives. These amazing people and ideas come from all across the globe, but often only the loudest or most recognized regions get the lion’s share of the attention.

We cover global innovation trends by focusing on some of the amazing regions fostering these advances. While some regional champions may be familiar, others may be surprising—but all of them deserve our attention. Our content is available via the website, but our magazine (in both digital and print formats) dials in on specific regions every issue.

Our first regional coverage is highlighting health care pioneers in Pittsburgh, PA. A city once known for its industrial base and financial services is now a hotbed of activity in therapeutic discovery, artificial intelligence, practical application and community outreach. Future issues will focus on different regional hubs while maintaining a global view for major trends and a healthy dose of follow-ups via our digital content.


Our founders couldn’t be more different; one analytical with a finance and engineering background and the other with a deep graphic design and publishing background.

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Michael Schmanske

Michael Schmanske is a 24-year Wall Street veteran with experience both on trading desks and with asset managers. He graduated with degrees in Aerospace Engineering from MIT and a Masters from Princeton University.  Most recently Mike was the Chief Investment Officer at AngelMD where he supported the most innovative entrepreneurs and promising cutting-edge startups. Mike is also the founder of MD.Capital specializing in capital and coaching for early-stage medical companies.

Mike brings a wide range of expertise—from finance to engineering and science/life sciences developments. At Prognosis:Innovation he will be happily expressing his inner nerd to bring you the coolest, most interesting and most investable opportunities in the healthcare industry.

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Julie Fanning

Julie Fanning is an experienced creative director and communicator with a reputation as a detail-oriented quick-thinker. She graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a degree in graphic design and illustration and her career has included an extensive background in magazine publishing with much of it spent in the science and healthcare nonprofit sectors. She is also an entrepreneur and small business owner, having launched an artisan soap and body products company more than seven years ago.

Julie compliments Mike’s nerd qualities by highlighting the people and organizations charting new pathways in healthcare with cohesive, clear design and messaging. And it’s got to look good, too.


Prognosis:Innovation is a new—yet needed—venture. Our mission is to highlight innovators and healthcare professionals who are shaking up what's considered status quo in the industry. So our story is just getting started. Join us.