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Your portfolio exists within the framework of a global financial marketplace. Be more confident that you are making the right decisions within your investment strategy. We aren’t here to provide play-by-play commentary on the financial markets. Our goal is to provide some of the freshest and non-conflicted advice on keeping your bearings during markets calm or volatile.


Hims Debuts $199 Weight-Loss Shots at 85% Discount to Wegovy

Wegovy copycat drug made by undisclosed compounding pharmacies offers same active ingredient as GLP-1s—Compounding of weight-loss drugs has exploded as Lilly and Novo have failed to keep up with demand for the new drugs. “It’s gonna be a big part of the weight loss category going forward,” Hims Chief Executive Officer Andrew Dudum said in an interview. “Our belief is that compounding can be done very safely, if done correctly.”