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Bleeding Edge & Game Changers

Our healthcare system is big, bureaucratic and deeply entrenched. To make a difference will require some equally big or elegant ideas.  Meet the innovators that are looking to shake up the way we deliver healthcare.


Oculomics: A Window into the Health of the Body

Alistair Bounds explores the power of the eye in screening for diseases and introduces advanced methods to detect chronic diseases—The human eye’s remarkable ability to adapt changing conditions relies on its unique biological complexity. This makes the eyes exceptionally sensitive to changes in body chemistry which precede the onset of conditions detectable during standard diagnostic screening.

What Big Eyes You Have

Contact lenses that generate power: Is this the beginning of a real augmented reality system?—Researchers are considering using the process for drug delivery and health monitoring. Energy harvesting literally occurs in the blink of an eye: When the eye is completely open, the harvester is off. Then when the eye starts to blink, the tear electrolytes meet the magnesium anode, causing an oxidation reaction and the generation of electrons and ultimately delivers about 150 microwatts of power at a stable 3.3 volts—no antennae, external battery pack, or special charging case required.

Now the Machines are Helping People Learn to Speak

AI” can mean more than “big data analysis—Teaching machines to speak can also be reversed to allow machines to provide therapy assistance to patients. With the help of AI, a team at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Weill Institute for Neurosciences has demonstrated that the brain signals associated with speech-related sensory and motor processes could grant a new voice to patients who have lost the ability to speak.