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Sector & Industry Trends

Predicting the best investment opportunities can rely on predicting the trends in healthcare. Technology trends define investment strategy in obvious ways, but you also need to know about regulatory, financial and policy trends to understand which startups may be DOA and which are the leaders in new channels of healthcare delivery.


Why Isn’t Dental Health Considered Primary Medical Care?

Ailments of the mouth can put the body at risk for a slew of other ills. Some practitioners think dentistry should no longer be siloed—Many initiatives across the United States and other countries work to integrate oral and whole-body care to more effectively tackle diabetes, cardiovascular disease, joint replacements and many other conditions. “We are at a pivotal point—I call it the convergence era—where dentistry is not going to be separated from overall health for much longer….”

Medicaid for Ozempic?

States can experiment with weight loss coverage—but will they?—While federal regulators debate insurance coverage, some states are moving forward and learning lessons. Medicare Part D plans statutorily cannot cover antiobesity medications, but state Medicaid programs have more flexibility. In the first quarter of 2023, 10 of 47 states (21%) with public preferred drug lists covered at least 1 antiobesity medication; 5 (11%) had unrestricted coverage of at least 1 antiobesity medication (Figure 1). Separately, 39 states (83%) had unrestricted coverage of at least 1 of the 2 diabetes versions of GLP-1 RAs.