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Alyve Medical rehabilitation devices

Alyve Medical Inc.

Alyve Medical is a commercial stage medtech company focused on reimagining the management of musculoskeletal care.

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Have you had shoulder pain, a shoulder injury, or had a family member with a shoulder injury? Know someone who has had shoulder surgery? Nearly everyone that the team from Alyve Medical talks to about their products responds with their own story, and wishes the solutions from Alyve had been available to them.

Today, there are currently no rehabilitation or stimulation devices that retrain the brain to achieve long term outcomes. Current therapies do not provide dynamic stimulation or biofeedback or generate a neuroplastic response. Additionally, in orthopedics, assessing motion and outcomes is generally subjective. Adding to these issues, 75% of patients do not comply with their physical therapy as prescribed. This is a huge problem with significant cost implications.

Alyve Medical has developed two technologies that are FDA cleared, registered and CE Marked that solve these problems.

The first is Neuralign System™ S (shown in photo), a substantially differentiated neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) device, treating the vast majority of shoulder pathologies. The key to the technology is the patented Motion Activated Stimulation that provides dynamic interaction inducing neuroplasticity. Patients follow a customizable series of therapeutic exercises on a tablet-based app, which rounds out the trimodal biofeedback—visual, auditory and sensory—and augments the treatment of the stimulation itself. This is a unique and proprietary innovation.

The second product, ShowMotion™, is a kinematic sensor kit which objectively documents normal and abnormal movement in joint function in 5-7 minutes. It is non-invasive, mobile and provides instant graphic results. The two products can be used independently or together.

Both products have peer-reviewed publications documenting their utilization and effectiveness, with more expected near-term, and multiple studies ongoing around the globe. The results of a recent multi-center randomized controlled trial, demonstrated statistically significant and sustained results in WOSI scores when comparing six weeks of physical therapy using Neuralign S (formerly known as Shoulder Pacemaker), to six weeks of standard physical therapy.

Both technologies are available in the U.S. and EU, and target shoulder/upper extremity applications. ShowMotion’s capabilities have recently expanded to allow analysis of the lower extremity. The Neuralign platform’s pipeline development is now underway to create a device for the knee, with spine to follow.

Alyve Medical is a commercial stage medtech company focused on reimagining the management of musculoskeletal care. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with R&D and manufacturing in Carpi, Italy, they develop, create and market non-invasive and wearable technologies that represent revolutionary technological advancements in motion analysis and functional restoration driving improved outcomes and satisfaction for both patients and healthcare professionals.