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Bexion Pharmaceuticals

A unique and highly promising alternative chemotherapy utilizing a lysosomal activator protein with multiple indications and low to zero toxicity or side effects.

Bexion Pharmaceuticals is a mid‐stage biopharmaceutical company pioneering the development of life‐changing treatments by leveraging the crucial cellular mechanisms of the lysosome. Bexion believes the lysosome is an underexploited cellular orchestrator involved in multiple diseases. Bexion’s lead drug candidate is BXQ‐350, a first‐in‐class biologic containing the multifunctional, lysosomal activator protein, Saposin C in a nanovesicle formulation. Initial development focused on an innovative, targeted cancer therapy platform. Preclinical and clinical data provide evidence of activity outside of a cancer therapeutic. Bexion is attempting to diversify its treatment portfolio to not only study and treat numerous types of cancer, but also neurodegenerative and infectious diseases as well, utilizing its novel compound, BXQ-350. The goal is to compile additional pre-clinical and clinical data on this drug to better elucidate mechanism of action, biomarker development, and demonstration of potential efficacy in a variety of disease conditions.