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EMTensor, Inc.

Brain imaging for rapid stroke response in a portable scanner. Think of a defibrillator-like response for strokes.

EMTensor Inc., headquartered in Silicon Valley California, is bringing to market a Novel, Full Wave, Electromagnetic Tomographer that accelerates treatment of brain injury (stroke). The company provides a brain imaging solution that is: hand portable, supremely safe, snapshot fast and deployable closer to onset (pre-ambulance/ER). According to the company, a world-class scientific, engineering and clinical team has been assembled, including multiple PhDs experts in RF Tomography for medical applications, fast numerical methods for electromagnetic solvers, physics and image processing, IT/Cloud architect, clinical and intellectual property. Partnerships with multiple leading physicians and university stroke centers include Max Wintermark of Stanford (California), Kyriakos Lobotesis or Imperial College (London), Jens Fiehler of Hamburg (Germany), and Milan Vosko of Linz (Austria) and will soon be extended to a full multi-center clinical trial, expanding upon the tremendously promising exploratory results for first in human clinical trials published at ESOC 2021 in September.