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Macrophages impact renal cancer

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The miRNA-21-5p Payload in Exosomes from M2 Macrophages Drives Tumor Cell Aggression via PTEN/Akt Signaling in Renal Cell Carcinoma

ABSTRACT: M2 macrophages in the tumor microenvironment are important drivers of cancer metastasis. Exosomes play a critical role in the crosstalk between different cells by delivering microRNAs or other cargos. Whether exosomes derived from pro-tumorigenic M2 macrophages (M2-Exos) could modulate the metastatic behavior of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is unclear. This study found that M2-Exos promotes migration and invasion in RCC cells. Inhibiting miR-21-5p in M2-Exos significantly reversed their pro-metastatic effects on RCC cells in vitro and in the avian embryo chorioallantoic membrane in vivo tumor model. We further found that the pro-metastatic mechanism of miR-21-5p in M2-Exos is by targeting PTEN-3′UTR to regulate PTEN/Akt signaling. Taken together, our results demonstrate that M2-Exos carries miR-21-5p promote metastatic features of RCC cells through PTEN/Akt signaling. Reversing this could serve as a novel approach to control RCC metastasis.

Researchers & Authors: Zhicheng Zhang, Junhui Hu, Moe Ishihara, Allison C Sharrow*, Kailey Flora, Yao He, Lily Wu

*Allison C. Sharrow, PhD is a Prognosis:Innovation partner