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Allison Sharrow, PhD: Academic-to-Industry Transition

A reformed academic uses her skills to support life science commercialization in Pittsburgh.

Allison Sharrow, PhD, has more than 20 years of experience researching complex biomedical diseases, with a particular focus on overcoming chemoresistance in ovarian cancer. In this time, she has seen academic research change due to bad incentives. As she transitions her career out of academia, Sharrow is using the analytical and communication skills she learned along the way to educate investors and entrepreneurs to grow the commercial life science ecosystem in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.


“I am inspired to see a female-driven investment firm investing in a wonderful female founder in Pittsburgh. Thank you Chloe Capital for seeking to fill a gap in the industry and for recognizing the impact that Anne Germain and NOCTEM Health will have on insomnia.”  #Bias